• New Members always welcome.

    Please Note: Due to the nature of KU Cork and the physical tempo of it's classes it is currently an Adults only Karate Club.

    We do not have a kids program running at the moment, N.B. we never hold  Adults or Kids classes at the same time. 

    KU Cork is a non profit club, ALL Memberships are paid monthly in advance which covers Club rent & Insurance.

    Currently classes cost less than any other Adult Karate class available (As far as I know,JG) but we intend to increase our fixed classes and not our membership costs which simply means the more you train the better value for money. 

    Our training times are as follows:

    Mornings By Appointment with Glavin Sensei, (T&C'S Apply)
    20.30 -22.00 (Kihon waza, Basic Drills based on the KU Nyumon/Beginner syllabus, Self-defense applications and weapons)
    Mornings By Appointment . T&C's Apply
    20:30 - 22:00

    20.00- 22.00 (Koryu Uchinadi & Shotokan Kata study group @ New Location by appointment only) T&C's Apply
    Important Notice:
    To accommodate students who due to work,college or family commitments we can now in addition to our regular evening classes  make ourselves available in the mornings & weekends to meet their training needs and as always study suggestions are always available by contacting Glavin sensei
    Terms and Conditions's. Students must be making regular classes to avail of the free morning classes but these classes might be available to non students for a reasonable fee. Unscheduled Classes are arranged with the understanding that Glavin Sensei may need to work so these arrangements are made in advance and are flexible. 
    On the last Sunday of each month if their are sufficient number we  hope to be having a class dedicated to the Students who are available to attend. (Again this is part of the MEMBERSHIP). 

    If you would like to come and train with us or just find out more about Koryu Uchinadi then please feel free to contact us prior to classesViewing is normally by appointment but feel free to pop in anytime.