• New Members always welcome.

    Please Note: KU Cork is currently an Adults only Karate Club.

    We do not have a kids programme running at the moment and never hold  Adults or Kids classes at the same time.  





    Our training times are as follows:

    Mornings By Appointment with Glavin Sensei,
    20.30 -22.00 (Kihon waza, Basic Drills based on the KU Nyumon/Beginner syllabus, Self-defense applications and weapons)
    Mornings By Appointment with Glavin Sensei, 18.00-19:30 Weight training and academic studies.
    Mornings by Appointment with Glavin Sensei,
    20.30-22.00 Kumite/Aiki Kenpo Jujutsu & yamane ryu kobudo (Self-defense, ground work, strength & conditioning Weapons)
    Mornings By Appointment With Glavin Sensei,
    20.30- 22.00 (Kata)
    The Dojo will be open in the morning by appointment with Glavin Sensei.
    The Dojo will be open by appointment.
    Evening class  
    The Dojo will be open by appointment 
    Important Notice:
    To accommodate students who due to work,college or family commitments we now have more classes evenings & weekend to meet their training needs and study information is alway available by contacting Glavin Sensei.
    On the last Sunday of each month we  hope to be having a class dedicated to the academic side of Koryu Uchuinadi, Aiki Kenpo Jujutsu and Yamanae-Ryu Kobudo in keeping with the students membership of the IRKRS (International Ryukyu Karate Research Society)

    If you would like to come and train with us or just find out more about Koryu Uchinadi then please feel free to contact us prior to classesViewing is normally by appointment but feel free to pop in anytime.