• Koryu Uchinadi Kenpo Jutsu is a full contact, non sport orientated traditional karate . 

    At KU Cork we are focused on the quality of training and the  progression of all our members from a physical, philosophical and holistic viewpoint.

    The club is run on a non profit basis and after costs, where possible all monies are put towards the costs of insurance,Subsadising IRKRS membership, providing/upgrading equipment, subsidising trips for seminars and running regular charity fund raising events .
    KU Cork accounts are managed by the club Committee.

    Sensei Joe Glavin is the chief instructor at Koryu Uchinadi Karate Cork and holds a Yondan in Shotokan, Sandan in Koryu Uchinadi and is also accredited with a Shidoin level Koryu Uchinadi Instructors licence from Hanshi Patrick McCarthy.
    (The first in Cork) 

    Also teaching at the club is assistant instructor Sensei Paul Dervan who holds a Nidan grade in Shotokan and Nidan grade in Koryu Uchinadi. Sensei Dervan is also a qualified primary school teacher. 

    One of our greatest attributes is our direct link to one of the most sought after martial artists in the world today, Hanshi Patrick McCarthy (9th Dan). All our members are registered with the International Ryukyu Karate Research Society (IRKRS)

    We also have access to many European KU Instructors, Renshi Olaf Krey 5th Dan (Germany), Renshi Ante Branbacka 5th Dan (Finland) Shidoin Jim Sindt 5th Dan (Denmark), Shidoins Walker, Murphy & Renshi Damien Costello (Ireland). Frequent training seminars are held here in Ireland and across Europe, the United States & Australia (the home of Hanshi McCarthy) 
    All members are covered by the clubs insurance when attending seminars or training events.
    (Notice must be given in writing to Sensei Glavin prior to attending these events) 

    Club Secretary - Sensei Paul Dervan

    Club Treasurer - Richard Murphy 

    For more information regarding cost of membership of the club or Club Membership/individual membership of the  IRKRS please contact Sensei Glavin using the details provided on the "contact us" page of this website.
    Terms and conditions apply 

    Many thanks for taking the time to visit our web site.